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Abstract Background


Abstract Background

+800 Biomarkers Explained and Tracked

Validated Biomarkers

of Aging

(CardioAge, PhenoAge, TruAge, GlycanAge and more.)

Personalized Recommendations

Now starting at $300/mo

No commitment | No investment

PhysioAge equips providers with an intuitive online interface that collects, analyzes and displays any lab or diagnostic data to generate custom scorecards and reports that facilitate clinical reviews of patient data.

Optimal Range.png

Switch from normal range medicine to optimal range medicine with a system that highlights the optimal range based on the findings of scientific literature.

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Our algorithms assign letter grades (A through F) for each result category as well as individual results, in an easy-to-understand format familiar to most patients.

Secure access to results from any device:

Our Health Analytics tool (web-based software)

Our extensive Patient Report

Our visit summary, with report card and recommendation list.

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Benefits of Becoming a PhysioAge Provider

Better data about your

patients’ health

Gain access to research grade hardware, software, and bloodwork

More context about your patients’ health

Not just more data but a better understanding of how your patients compare to their peers and their past

Improved patient engagement

PhysioAge produces results that are meaningful to your patients and that can highlight the impact of treatments

More efficient consultations

Spend less time explaining results and more time focused on treatments

Increased revenues

Grow your bottom line by offering a differentiated service that keeps your patients coming back year after year

More Word of Mouth

Give your patients a tool and a motivation to spread the word about their improvements

PhysioAge ROI

PhysioAge is designed to fit into a wide variety of practice business models to grow your bottom line. Whereas some practices offer our assessment on a fee-for-service basis, our most successful clients build regular assessments into their service offering.


Regardless of how physioAge is packaged, it will help you attract more patients, generate more revenue from existing patients, and keep your patients coming back year after year.

Transform Your Healthcare Facility Today

Headshot of Dr. Raffaele

I created PhysioAge Analytics to help me practice personalized health optimization across the lifespan of my patients. The future of medicine sees each person as an N=1 longitudinal lifelong clinical trial in which a large of biomarkers (labs and other diagnostic testing) are measured at baseline and then monitored periodically to assess the effectiveness of therapies on the optimal functioning of the patient. 

Dr. Joseph Raffaele | Founder and Chief Medical Officer

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