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PhysioAge Biomarkers

Traditional physicals only track if you’re healthy or sick. PhysioAge tracks biomarkers that reveal how healthy you are relative to your peers and your past, generating a relative age of your physiological functions. It's like x-ray vision for your health.

About Biomarkers

PhysioAge Dashboard

Traditional physicals provide no context for your data. PhysioAge includes a web-based dashboard that consolidates biomarkers with other labs to help you and your patients better understand their health and track it over time.

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PhysioAge Benefits

Better Data

PhysioAge integrates research-grade hardware, software, and bloodwork to generate more data and then compares that data against a patient's peers and their past to better understand how their health is doing and where it's headed.

Better Engagement

PhysioAge is a tool that drives patient engagement by making it easier to review and understand their health data especially when they start seeing positive results from their adherence to the treatment protocols their clinicians recommend to them.

Better Business

PhysioAge is a premium service that enables clinics to provide the best care to their patients while improving their bottom line. PhysioAge can fit into the business model of a wide variety types, shapes, and sizes of clinics.

About PhysioAge

PhysioAge was founded by Dr. Joseph Raffaele, a leading provider of concierge age management in Manhattan for more than 20 years. He created PhysioAge to build tools that enable the delivery of world-class proactive medicine. Every service we offer has been designed, developed, and tested in his clinic, Raffaele Medical Group, before being offered to clinics around the world. This ensures that every service we offer is attuned to real-world clinical environments and business operations.


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