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Practice-wide Analytics

Your data, aggregated and visualized in meaningful ways to bring new insights.

Ever wonder what the average HgbA1c is of your patients? Or cholesterol, testosterone, SBP, or telomere length? The PhysioAge platform automatically generates a “data cloud” of age versus every parameter uploaded from all patients and breaks it down by gender. Next to the cloud, a histogram tells you the median value and the distribution of values. It also generates the distribution of grades for that parameter which tells you how well your patients are doing in optimizing this parameter. This is the true “meaningful use” that EHRs are supposed to offer.

With this information just a few clicks away, you can find who in your practice could benefit from the new supplement targeted at, for example, inflammation as measured by C-reactive protein. Or find out how many patients have high body fat percentage and could benefit from a consultation with your new nutritionist.

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Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 4.23.47 PM.png
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