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Biomarkers of Aging

An unparalleled and focused array of extensively-tested biomarkers that have been shown to highly correlate with age.


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How well are your patients aging?

Our algorithms calculate the physiological age of 10 important body systems by comparing individual results against our database of 6,000 patients. Tracking physiological age over time provides a clear and detailed profile of the individual aging process.

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Built on Solid Science

Medical and statistical significance

Detail and precision are crucial differences that set PhysioAge apart from other health tests.

Our expert system is based on solid science – extensive clinical trials, scientific literature, and careful statistical analysis of primary data. Rather than using secondary clinical studies to calculate physiological age, we used our own in-depth primary research to measure 120 attributes among 120 individuals. This study determined how biomarkers relate to each other, which enabled a greater degree of statistical accuracy and a deeper understanding of the aging process. With unique in-house measurements, PhysioAge gives you complete, clear, and precise results.

How to Get Your PhysioAge

Physical Exam

Visit a Physioage Provider to test your heart, skin, and lungs with state-of-the-art medical devices.

Blood Work

Invest in premium blood work that measures your immune function and telomere length.

Online Exam

Take an online cognitive function test that measures how well your brain's still working.

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