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Published by Dr. Raffaele

A natural product telomerase activator as part of a health maintenance program.
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A Natural Product Telomerase Activator Lengthens Telomeres in Humans: A Randomized, Double Blind, and Placebo Controlled Study.
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Biomarkers of Aging: General considerations and composite indices

Disentangling the genetic determinants of human aging: biological age as an alternative to the use of survival measures.
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Pulmonary System Aging

COPD as a disease of accelerated lung aging.
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John Hutchinson's mysterious machine revisited
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Skin Aging

Estrogens and the skin
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Cognitive Aging

Age-associated cognitive decline
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Memory and executive function in aging and AD: multiple factors that cause decline and reserve factors that compensate
Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA): a misunderstood adrenal hormone and spine-tingling neurosteroid?
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All in your mind.
Cognitive effects of short-term manipulation of serum sex steroids in healthy young men
Cellular and molecular mechanisms of estrogen regulation of memory function and neuroprotection against Alzheimer's disease: recent insights and remaining challenges
Insulin-like growth factor-I and cognitive function in healthy older men

Immune System Aging

CD28(-) T cells: their role in the age-associated decline of immune function
Biomarkers of human immunosenescence: impact of Cytomegalovirus infection
Cytomegalovirus-seropositivity has a profound influence on the magnitude of major lymphoid subsets within healthy individuals.
Mechanisms of immunosenescence. Immun Ageing
No Immune Risk Profile among individuals who reach 100 years of age: findings from the Swedish NONA immune longitudinal study
Telomerase induction in T cells: a cure for aging and disease?
CD8 T-cell immune phenotype of successful aging
Immunity challenge

Telomere Attrition and Aging

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