Dr. Joseph Raffaele wanted to present physiological data to patients in a way that was more refined than current result pages from bloodwork and equipment. He needed:

  • Structure - group cardiovascular tests separately from pulmonary results.
  • Visual Consistency - all results should look the same, regardless of source.
  • Result Context -- is this result good? How does my score compare to other patients'?
  • Explanations of tests - an educated patient can take better ownership of their results.

Dr. Raffaele wanted this information available in several formats: * Printed Report * PDF - just like the printed report, but available to email * PowerPoint Format - the PDF was nice, but doesn't lend itself to being used during consultations. Our dashboard is more of a slide deck. You've never seen anything like it.

PhysioAge Reporting consists of three components:

Patient Dashboard

This online interface makes patient health data available on any device and provides context for that data. It’s where patients access the results of their PhysioAge Physicals (for more about these, click here). It also features a custom report card assigns a letter grade to any type of lab work. Finally, it aggregates all of a clinician’s recommendations into a single easy-to-use place.

Patient Report

Clinicians have the option of sending their patients a 50-page PDF custom report that includes a patient’s specific results as well as explanations of the science behind those results. This is a great resource for those super patients who want to understand everything about what’s going on with their health.

Clinical Results

This online interface enables clinicians to easily create and edit patients and visits, and to search for past results. It’s here that you can quickly add or remove different types of lab work and enter the results from a wide variety of tests.


PhysioAge Reporting delivers clinics a variety of different benefits, including:

Save Time

By presenting data in more digestible terms like ages and letter grades, clinicians can spend less time having to explain results while improving patient comprehension.

Enhance Consultations

This system makes it easy to compare past results in a single interface rather than having to spend time shuffling pieces of paper. And its built-in trend analysis helps understand what direction your patients’ health is headed.

Improve Engagement

With more easily understood results, clinics can get their patients more engaged with their data, which tends to improve their adherence to treatment protocols


$1,000 setup ( waived for the full PhysioAge package, which includes Physicals) $2,000/year annual license

This pricing includes everything clinics need to get setup and continue using the system with unlimited patients, unlimited visits, and unlimited data year after year.


To get your own private demonstration of PhysioAge Reporting’s capabilities, schedule a demo now by clicking here and filling out the form.