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Our patient dashboard is now out in beta!

The dashboard is yet another aspect of our mission to facilitate next-generation medical consultations. I felt I needed a more interactive experience in my practice, so we built this dashboard to better engage patients with their results. Our engineers have been hard at work and I hope you will be impressed with the results.

The dashboard features:

  • the Biomarkers of Aging
  • our Health Report Card
  • all the data previously accessible in the print report
  • a sophisticated look and feel
  • charts of data history for datum with at least three values
  • Recommendation Collection, see below.

Recommendations and Review

The dashboard allows providers to enter their own recommendations, mapped directly to patient results to reinforce their significance. Results are then summarized in the Recommendation Review section, which gives your consultation a sophisticated end-cap.

If you aren’t a current client but want more information, please contact our VP of Sales, Geoff Daily, for a tour of this new feature or for access to our demo site.

Clients: We’re interested in your feedback during our beta-testing program! From now until the end of the year, you’ll be able to use this feature at no charge. All we ask is that you touch base every few months for a brief visit about how we could improve this offering.

Indications for Use

If you have a wall-mounted monitor, an ipad, or another screen that could be visible to patients, this solution will be a natural fit. We believe it will exponentially improve your patient’s understanding of their health status and add an impressive and professional polish to your consultations.


Please take some time to look around the dashboard. We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Thank you!

Wishing you the best in health and business,

Joseph M. Raffaele, MD
Founder, CEO, CMO
PhysioAge Systems

By Dr. Joseph Raffaele

Are You Aging Faster than You Think

In this month’s (June 2016) Men’s Journal, an article by Joe Hooper explains in layman’s terms the importance of knowing the physiological age of your major organ systems.  Each of the three men, age 39, 59, and 82, learn which of their systems is older or younger than their chronological age and what can be done improve them.  Each of them learns some surprising things that change the way they are going to approach their supplement, medication, and exercise regimens.  I hope you find it interesting and invite comments and questions.

Read the full article here: Are You Aging Faster than You Think?

Our patient dashboard is now out in beta!
Are You Aging Faster than You Think